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Making LEGO Ninjago Masks with Coffee Filters

If your child is remotely as excited about LEGO Ninjago as our son is, then they are going to love this craft. It's quite easy and looks really good. You might be making a few in fact.

What you'll need to make a LEGO Ninjago mask from a coffee filter:

  • coffee filters

  • markers

  • glue stick

  • yellow paper

  • printer paper

  • scissors

  • spray bottle with water

Gather all of your supplies and get ready to make your favorite Ninjago character. Henry chose to make Kai first, the red ninja.

The steps

Start by printing the Ninjago eyes on yellow paper. You might want to print at least two. Henry couldn't resist coloring in one himself. Then you'll want to print the shape that will make the hole in the mask.

Cut the mask template out. Now fold the coffee filter in half and use the mask template to draw half the mask. Cut that out of the coffee filter. When you open the coffee filter, you'll notice the hole fits around the eyes on the yellow paper.

Now have your child color all over the coffee filter. The more scribble-ish, the more tie-die it will look.

The really fun part is next. Use a spray bottle filled with water to spray the coffee filter. I set the filter on a plate to catch the water. It's really neat to watch the marker run and change the coffee filter.

Wait for the coffee filter to dry. We set ours in a sunny spot to speed things along. Once it's dray, use a glue stick to glue the mask to the yellow paper. Now you have your very own LEGO Ninjago character.

Which LEGO Ninjago did your child choose to make? Post your comments below.

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