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Firefly Toilet Paper Rolls

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

These firefly, or lightning bug, toilet paper rolls were a huge hit with our children and they will be with yours too. I created a template, so you don’t have to measure anything. Gather your supplies, a coffee, the kids and let’s get crafty!


  • 1 sheet of white printer paper

  • 1 sheet of thin yellow paper (Not cardstock or construction paper. They are too thick for the light to shine through.)

  • 1 sheet of black construction paper

  • 2 black pipe cleaners

  • 2 googly eyes

  • Silver or white pen or crayon

  • 1 battery operated tea light

  • 1 toilet paper roll

  • Tape

  • Print this template

Firefly Template
Download PDF • 1.06MB


  1. Use the template to cut out a 4"x6" black rectangle, 2.5"x2.5" yellow square, 2.25" black circle and the white firefly.

  2. Wrap the black rectangle around the toilet paper roll and secure with tape.

  3. Cut an upside-down U shape out of the toilet paper roll.

  4. Place the yellow square inside the toilet paper roll and secure with tape.

5. Cut one pipe cleaner into four pieces. Cut another one in half.

6. Bend the tips of the long piece up to make the arms.

7. Tape the arms to the back of the toilet paper roll.

8. Tape the wings over the back of the arms to hide the tape.

9. Bend two of the smaller pieces of pipe cleaner to be feet and twist the other two small pieces to be the antenna. Tape in place inside the toilet paper roll.

10. Set the firefly on top of a battery-operated tea light and switch it on. Tada!

These firefly toilet paper rolls are so much fun to play with. Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them. Leave your comments below and follow Crafts & Coffee Cafe on Facebook for more fun ideas.

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