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Lucky Leprechaun Snack Hat

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ☘️ We love holidays here and any chance to make fun crafts and snacks. Today it’s all about leprechauns and everything green.

If your children are anything like ours, they like to snack. It seems as if they always need a snack. So, while I do have fun plans for meals today, the idea of perpetual snacks led the way for idea of this craft. This leprechaun hat is not only an adorable craft, but a functional snack cup. Grab a cup of coffee & let’s get crafty.


  • 1 Small green paper cup

  • 1 Sheet of green craft paper

  • 1 Sheet of black construction paper

  • 1 Sheet of green construction paper

  • 1 Sheet of yellow construction paper

  • 1 Green pipe cleaner

  • Scissors

  • Glue stick

  • Tape

  • This template


  1. Print the Lucky Leprechaun Snack Cup template and use it to cut out the shapes.

  2. Cut the 4” circle out of the green craft paper.

  3. Cut the shamrock out of green construction paper.

  4. For more fun craft ideas, follow Cn Facebook..on paper. This will be the buckle on the hat.

  5. Cut the long strip out of black construction paper. Note, if you aren't using the template, you'll need to cut an irregular rectangle. A straight line does not match up to the curved surface of a cup.

Lucky Leprechaun Snack Cup
Download PDF • 954KB

6. Now that you have all of your pieces cut, glue the black belt to the cup, followed by the yellow buckle over that. Then glue the cup to the circle.

7. Tape the shamrock to the green pipe cleaner. Tape the pipe cleaner to the inside of the cup.

8. Fill your cup with delicious snacks and enjoy St. Patrick's Day!

For more fun craft ideas, follow Crafts & Coffee Cafe on Facebook.

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