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Tracing Dinosaur Shadows, A Sunny Day Activity

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

It's a beautiful sunny day here, perfect for tracing dinosaur shadows. Actually, it was our first time tracing them. A friend gave me the idea and it was a hit.

All you need is some white paper, a pencil or marker and some dinosaurs. Of course, if you don't have dinosaurs you could use any toy your child has to trace.

I lined up a few pieces of paper and Henry placed his dinosaurs in a row at the bottom. Then he got to work tracing them. I sat at the other end and traced some too. It looked like fun so I wanted to do it too. There's no age limit on this craft, or any for that matter.

The lines came out wobbly from tracing over the driveway, so we learned that next time we should use a poster board or to place books under the paper. It was fine though and we had fun tracing. Our plan was to tape the pages together after so that we had a scenery to play dinosaurs in. Later we'll either paint it or color the dinosaurs in. That sounds like a good activity for another time. Now to enjoy this beautiful weather.

Did you trace dinosaur shadows? Let's see a picture of your little one enjoying the activity.

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