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Spice up Taco Tuesday with Paper Bag Piñatas

Take Taco Tuesday to the next level of fun and make a piñata with the kids. It's surprisingly easy to make one with tissue paper and a paper bag.

Our kids had so much fun making, and especially breaking, the piñatas. You might need to let out some energy and break one too.

What you'll need to make a festive Taco Tuesday Paper Bag piñata:

  • A paper bag (lunch bag size)

  • Tissue paper in assorted bright colors

  • A staple gun/staples

  • A hole punch

  • String to hand it

  • Candy or whatever you want to fill it with

  • Newspaper or something to stuff it

  • Tape

How to make a Taco Tuesday Paper Bag piñata:

I have younger kids so I did the cutting first so that everything would be ready for them to do the rest. I used 6 colors of tissue paper and cut each into 2 inch wide pieces the full length of the tissue paper. I used a ruler and pencil to mark them so that I cut them evenly, but you can just eyeball it. Once you have those pieces cut, set them aside. Now cut one inch wide pieces the full length of the tissue paper. Set those in a another pile.

Now go back to the pile of 2 inch pieces and cut fringe along one side abut half way into the tissue paper along the full length of the tissue paper. Once again, set that aside.

Next, you're going to stuff the paper bag. Fill it about 1/3 of the way up to 1/2 way full of candy. You don't want it to be too heavy by filling it all the way. Stuff the rest of the bag with crumpled up newspaper or magazine pages to give it a full shape.

Fold the top of the bag over and staple it on the left and right about and inch in from the sides. Then use the hole punch to make a hole under each staple. This is how you will hang it.

Now the kids can can decorate the bag. Start at the bottom of the bag. Tape the 2 inch tissue paper to one side of the bag and then wrap the bag with it taping it once it completely wraps the paper bag. Cut off the excess. Continue doing this with each color until the bag is fully wrapped.

Then tape the 1 inch pieces of tissue paper together on the bottom of the paper bag to make the tail. Finally, tie a string through the holes in the top so that you can hang the Taco Tuesday Paper Bag Piñata.

That's it. You've now spiced up your Taco Tuesday with a super fun craft. Now go break it!

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