How to Turn Eggs into Rubber Balls

This is a really fun science experiment for kids. You might have heard this called the naked egg experiment or rubber egg experiment. Either way, it’s a lot of fun with science tucked in.

In this experiment, vinegar breaks down the egg shell leaving the membrane to protect the egg. The membrane is what’s between the egg shell and egg white. It is what normally protects a chick from bacteria. It is semi-permeable, so that is how the dye makes the egg change color even though it had a shell when you started the experiment.

The membrane is pretty strong, and that’s why you'll be able to bounce your naked egg, or rubber egg. It’s exciting to watch the kids bounce it, but stick to tiny bounces on the counter or it will break causing a big mess. I’d recommend covering the counter or tabletop with a plastic tablecloth or wax paper.

Now that you know a bit of the science behind it, let's make the rubber eggs.

What you'll need: