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How to Grow Beans in an Egg Carton Green House

Growing beans in an egg carton is a quick way to get a garden going. It took just one week for our beans to grow enough to be transplanted. Your kids will love growing beans and seeing results so quickly.

What You’ll Need:

  • An egg carton (a paper one would be ideal but any egg carton will work)

  • Potting soil

  • Garden green beans

  • Water

  • Clear wrap

  • Toothpicks

How To Grow Beans

I soaked the beans in water over night to help get the process started. I recommend doing that. When you’re ready, cut the top half off of the egg carton and set aside. Then poke a hole in the bottom of each egg slot to let any excess water escape. Place the egg carton on top of the original carton top that you had cut off. This will act as a plate to catch that excess water.

Now, place a small amount of potting soil in each egg cubby. They should be about half way full. Then add one bean to each one pressing down slightly. Now cover with a tad bit more potting soil and lightly press it.

We used a squirt bottle to water the beans so that the soil wouldn’t be disturbed. If you don’t have one though, it’s fine to water it just with water from a cup. Once watered, wrap the whole container in clear cling wrap and poke a few holes in it with a toothpick. Finally, place you egg carton green house in a sunny window and watch your beans grow.

Did you plant beans in an egg carton green house? How did it go? Post your comments below. Follow Crafts & Coffee Cafe on Facebook for more fun ideas.

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