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DIY Rain Gauge Fun for a Rainy Day

Making a rain gauge together is a great way to get kids excited about spring time weather. We’ve had a good bit if rain lately, and I thought this would be something fun for the kids. Now we’ll be able to see just how much rain we get.

Supplies Needed:

  • Empty water bottle

  • Box cutter

  • Sharpie

  • Ruler

  • Small rocks

  • Water

How to make a rain gauge:

Start by cutting the top of the water bottle off. Then set the top to the side. Put a handful of small rocks at the bottom of your water bottle to weigh it down so the wind doesn't knock it over. Add enough water to cover the rocks.

Then use the sharpie to mark a line where the water is. That will be your base level. Now use the ruler to mark lines on the water bottle in the measurements that you would like to record. We marked every half inch on ours.

Now place the top of the water bottle upside down into the water bottle. This will act as a funnel for the rain water. That's it. It is that quick and easy to make a rain gauge at home. Now just find a spot outside to place it that is an open area. Don't place it by a building or fence. It needs to be out in the open to get the best reading.

Make sure to check it at the same time each day. To make it a little more fun for the kids, I created this rain gauge chart for them to keep. You can print it for free here.

How much rain have you been getting? Post your comments below and follow Crafts & Coffee Cafe on Facebook for more fun activities and crafts.

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