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2024 Olympics Bingo Card

Looking for a fun way to get your Girl Scout troop or friends excited and engaged in the Olympics? Use this Bingo card!

The Olympics is in Paris, France this summer, with the Opening Ceremony on Friday, July 26th. Gather your friends and host an Olympics watch party. Print this card and start checking the boxes today.

How much do you know about the Olympics? You might think you know the answers, but you also might be surprised. Let's start with the Olympic rings. Do you know that they're more than just five rings connected? They were created in 1913 and represent the five inhabited continents: blue (Europe), yellow (Asia), black (Africa), green (Australia) and red (America). Those combined with the white background are meant to represent every color of the flags of each country competing.

That's pretty amazing and so are all the athletes. This year, 206 National Olympic Committees will be represented by 10,500 athletes! What does that mean, National Olympic Committees? We usually think of it as countries, 206 countries competing. If you're playing along with the Bingo card, this is kind of a trick question. Technically, countries don't compete (even though that's how we think about it). The National Olympic Committees are committees from countries that send athletes and officials.

There are some amazing women competing in the 2024 Olympics. Make sure to learn about some of them before their event so you know who and why to cheer for them. Simone Biles is a very well-known gymnast with 37 Olympic and World Championship medals. You can easily find information and videos about her. Try looking up some lesser-known athletes or look into a sport that isn't well known.

Did you know this is only the second Olympics to have sport climbing? This year there will be two competitions, one is a combination of bouldering and lead events, and the other is a speed event. If you want to see some quick action, have a look at Piper Kelly as she rapidly ascends the wall in speed climbing.

Make sure to print out the Olympic schedule so you know when each sport is taking place. Don't wait too long, the final events and closing ceremony are on August 11th.

One last thing, there's a bonus question on the Olympic bingo card. Did you see it? Who is Kathy Ferguson and what does she have to do with the Olympics and Girl Scouts? Every Girl Scout should be proud to know who she is and what she accomplished, both in Girl Scouting and in the Olympics. See what you can find out...

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